Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

So this last weekend, we went over to Chris' mom's house. Here is part of the lovely pond and flower beds they put in a while back...

Christian and I went out to look, he of course wanted to throw rocks into the water, but I told him no, so he settled for rolling his little car around on the bog rocks.

So sweet, so happy, such a little angel

Then he lost the ability to listen to me about throwing rocks into the water, even after I swatted his hand several times and threatened to go in. Eventually, he had to be taken inside and this was the result.

I can not wait to show these to him when he is older.

Later on in the afternoon we had a few more meltdowns due to lack of nap....

I love the 2's. I remember Haden used to throw himself on the floor when he didn't get his way...the sad thing is sometimes he still does that!

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Stitch1260 said...

The pic at the top of your blog is THE BEST. WOW. Very talented photographer.